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REGISTER NOW: Digital Advance Care Planning: Trends, Opportunities, and Moving into the Future
September 20, 2022

As healthcare has become more technology driven and remote visits are more common, providers have been challenged to find ways to provide effective, compassionate advance care planning services in new ways that are as useful as paper documents. Champions in the field have developed innovative solutions, and providers are learning at light speed how to utilize digital advance care planning in ways that best serve patients and families. Please join us as we host a round table discussion with experts and leaders in digital advance care planning (ACP).

This conversation will explore:

  • Perceived barriers to digital ACP such as witnessing, signatures, storage and retrieval in real time, and how these are addressed
  • How digital ACP can help providers meet requirements for participation in VBC models and other quality, value, and payment programs
  • Successful practices for engaging patients/members in digital/virtual ACP
  • Ways to ensure high-quality ACP conversations using digital/virtual ACP

Guest Presenters:

  • Maria D. Moen
    Senior Vice President Innovation and External Affairs, ADVault, Inc.
  • Arul Thangavel, MD
    Chief Executive Officer, WiserCare
  • Ryan Van Wert, MD
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Vynca Health

When: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 1:00 pm Eastern (10:00 am Pacific, 11:00 am Mountain, 12:00 pm Central).

Who: This Webinar is intended for all healthcare professionals working in healthcare organizations and settings.

Advance Care Planning Perspectives and Best Practices – a Round Table Conversation

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Advance Care Planning in Palliative Care Programs

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