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Your customers and your employees need to know you have their back. Five Wishes lets you help them in their time of need – before the need arises.

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Solutions for your customers and your employees

Your clients trust you to help them plan for the inevitable. Five Wishes rounds out your offerings with a personal and meaningful touch.

  • Deliver security at low cost to your prospects and clients
  • Nurture a personal connection to foster lasting relationships
  • Prime the conversation for additional services
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Train the next generation of caregivers. Deliver a meaningful benefit to students, alumni, and faculty.

  • Out of the box teaching tool for courses in aging, nursing, human development and medicine
  • Natural addition to employee and student wellness programs
  • Frequent component of planned giving campaigns
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Your clients trust you to protect their assets and plan for the future. Five Wishes drives values-based conversations that show you care.

  • Add value and provide security to your prospects and clients
  • Nurture a personal connection to foster lasting relationships
  • Prime the conversation for additional services
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Five Wishes at Work is an employee health incentive program used by thousands of employers.

  • Increase productivity and decrease unwanted healthcare expenses.
  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • A natural addition to your existing wellness programs
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Position your organization as the community guardian of all end of life wishes. Instill trust in your customers and prospects.

  • A natural fit in impactful pre-planning conversations
  • Nurture a personal connection to foster lasting relationships
  • Perfect companion to National Funeral Directors Association’s “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” campaign.
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An affordable employee benefit that pays dividends

In an increasingly competitive job market, you want to attract and retain the best employees. You devote time and resources to recruiting and training quality team members, hoping they will remain with you for the long haul.

But life happens. And whether that means your employees will face their own health challenges or will be closely involved in caring for a loved one, chances are good your employees will feel pulled away from work and possibly feel overwhelmed.

Get Five Wishes at Work

“The peace available through Five Wishes cannot be overstated. And, on a very practical level, the advance directive grants the opportunity for individuals to shield themselves and their estate from costly, unwanted, and even needless medical interventions. This is a shielding plan for the family as well as the entire group medical plan. Completing Five Wishes is both a financial wellness action and a demonstration of planned and actioned kindness.”
-Todd Scott, Director of HR
Battery Systems, Inc.

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