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“Five Wishes enables me to know my patients more deeply. If I work with this document and I go through all five questions, I’m going to know this person so much better. And that really helps feed me as a physician because many of us went into this to be in meaningful relationship with our patients.”
-Gregg Vandekieft, MD, Palliative Care, Providence Hospital, Olympia, WA.

“When I discovered Five Wishes and gave it my full attention, I knew that it was something I would have to do with Dad. We sat in the hospital and went through it. It was witnessed that very night…It became instrumental in my insisting that Dad’s wishes be honored on that last evening. Because I was able to help Dad go in the way he chose, there is a joy that fills me. I am grateful.”
-Yvonne Caputo, Pennsburg, PA.

“The Five Wishes at Work employee packets were definitely a hit. Personally, my immediate family has had three family meetings. The Five Wishes booklet has been an effective guide to very difficult, yet pivotal conversations.”
-Carlyn Paton, BS, MA, Ed.D, Education & Training Manager - COLA