Why choose Five Wishes?

  • It's written in everyday language, making it easy to understand and complete.
  • It covers personal, spiritual, medical and legal wishes all in one document.
  • It allows your family or caregiver to know exactly what you want, so they don't have to guess
  • It's legally valid in nearly every state

Five Wishes Digital

Complete and sign your document online. Customized to meet requirements all 50 states. Make unlimited revisions without any time limits.

$15 volume discounts available – starting at 25 or more

Five Wishes Paper

Five Wishes Paper is a traditional printed booklet to complete by hand. It meets requirements in nearly all states. If you live in one of only four states (New Hampshire, Kansas, Ohio, or Texas) you can still use the Five Wishes Paper but may need to take an extra step.

Available in 30 languages

$5 volume discounts available – starting at 25 or more

We need to talk

Right-sized packages contain everything you need to kick off the most important discussion your family needs to have. The Starter Kit is sized for a group of up to five adults. The Family Package is for groups up to ten. For a larger family, consider getting the family package and adding another 25 copies to cover everyone.

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